Project PI: Dr Johannes Laube
Independent Research Fellow / ERC Fellow

After completing his PhD in Chemistry (University of Frankfurt, 2008) Johannes moved to UEA where he held two NERC fellowships before winning the EXC3ITE ERC grant in 2016. Johannes also sits on the NERC Training Advisory Board, has been a convener/co-convener at the EGU General Assembly since 2010, runs school outreach activities, reviews for more than 10 journals and funding bodies and is an author on two international assessements (WMO Ozone Assessment 2014 and SPARC lifetime report 2013). Johannes has over 25 peer-reviewed publications, including first author papers in Science and Nature Geoscience. His full profile and publication record can be found here.

When Johannes is chasing AirCore balloons he enjoys...snacking on local sugar snap peas and stopping every half an hour for coffee.
When Johannes isn’t chasing AirCores he enjoys…dedicated exploration of Norfolk and East Anglia, to the point where he’s about to put the Tourist Information Centre out of business.

You can contact Johannes at: j.laube [@]


Dr Emma Elvidge
Senior Research Associate
Since completing a PhD in the biogeochemistry of UK and Malaysian seaweeds (University of East Anglia, 2013) Emma has worked at UEA, the Max Planck Institute for Chemistry and the University of York; obtained her PGCE (UEA, 2015); and taught in several schools. Emma has been a Visiting Senior Lecturer at the University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur, organises/co-organises science outreach events and publishes on a range of atmospheric chemistry topics (see here).

When Emma is chasing AirCore balloons she enjoys…crisps, ticking things off her checklist and listening to everyone’s playlists.
When Emma isn’t chasing AirCores she enjoys…hiking, baking and ticking things off her bucket list checklist (some habits die hard).

You can contact Emma at: e.leedham-elvidge [at]

Elise Droste
Research Associate (former MSc intern, 2017)
Elise finished a BSc in Liberal Arts and Science at the University College of Maastricht with a focus on psychology, sustainability, and chemistry. She then moved to Wageningen University for an MSc in Earth and Environment. Her official specialism is Soil Geography and Earth System Dynamics, but she’s deviated a little (well, 30 km of altitude!) to complete her MSc internship in the EXC3ITE group. Her MSc thesis is on iodine speciation in marine aerosols above the Indian Ocean and she’s hoping to go on to do a PhD that involves her main research interests of marine and atmospheric biogeochemistry.

When Elise is chasing AirCores she enjoys…annoying everyone with Disney songs, eating nacho crisps and dark chocolate and drinking coffee.
When Elise isn’t chasing AirCores she enjoys…hiking/camping, especially in remote locations, traveling, horse riding, playing the piano and writing (whenever inspiration strikes).

You can contact Elise at: e.droste [at]

Elinor Tuffnell
PhD Student
Elinor joined the EXC3ITE team in October 2017 after studying for a BA History (2007-2011), an MA Classical Studies (2012-2014) and a BSc Chemistry and Environmental Science (2008-2016), all with The Open University. She is an associate student with the EnvEast Doctoral Training Programme, where she also acts as their web manager.

When Elinor is chasing AirCores she enjoys…listening to Miracle of Sound’s ‘The Path’ and eating anything deep-fried and smothered in chocolate (neat chocolate will also do).
When Elinor isn’t chasing AirCores she enjoys…playing an extensive number of computer games and reading vast swathes of literature

You can also find Elinor on her LinkedIn page, or contact her at e.tuffnell [at]

Max Thomas
Senior Research Associate

Max joined the EXC3ITE team in January 2018 where his main role is to complete, test and install an automated inlet system for our Autospec Mass Spec and then use it to analyse ozone depleting substances and greenhouse gases in 40+ years of archived air samples. Max joins us from his PhD at UEA where he specialised in measurements and modelling of sea-ice physics in the Roland von Glasow air-sea-ice simulator. Prior to that he completed an integrated masters in Natural Sciences, focusing on physical chemistry and environmental science.
When Max is chasing AirCores he enjoys…eating almonds and listening to funk and soul.
When Max isn’t chasing AirCores he enjoys…reading, walking and playing table tennis.

You can contact Max at max.thomas [at]

Former employees:

Shuang Tong (Lea)
Undergraduate intern, 2017
Lea has just finished a  joint degree programme studying at both UEA and the Ocean University of China, earning herself two degrees! At the end of this summer she’s moving to the USA to begin her postgraduate studies. Lea is our resident martial arts and singing expert, with a black belt in Korean taekwondo and a choir performance in Vienna to her name.

When Lea is chasing AirCore balloons she enjoys…shortbread biscuits and listening to Taylor Swift
When Lea isn’t chasing AirCores she enjoys…traveling and watching TV.